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The Gas Spring: An IND Driven by Gas2013-12-26 8:59:27
The gas spring struts is an elastic component, which uses inert gases as elastic medium and uses oil (take the mixture of transformer oil and turbine oil each half) to seal, to lubricate and to pass the pressure. In fact, it is a modification of the telescopic air spring, in order to improve the elastic characteristic of the telescopic air spring. So, it has the common structure features of air spring. Generally, the gas spring is composed of cylinder barrel, piston, sealing element and external adapting piece. HP Nitrogen or inert gases form loop tank in cylinder barrel. The damping on piston connects the rod port and the head port, making them have the same pressure. The difference of stressed area and the compressibility of gas create elasticity.
Gas springs have about six categories. The most widely used gas spring is lift gas spring. It is mainly used for lifting, which has only two length: the shortest and the longest. When it is shifting between the two forms, the process cannot be stopped. Because of its light, stabilization, easy operation, the lift gas spring is widely applied in automobile, engineering machinery, printing machinery and textile equipment.
The second compression gas spring is called lockable gas spring, or adjustable gas spring. Adjustable gas spring can stop at any position when shifting between the shortest position and the longest position. Its locking force is more than 10000N once stopped. So the biggest application area of it is medical apparatus and instruments. Its manufacture needs higher technology, resulting in that fewer gas spring corp has the ability to produce it in high quality.
The third gas spring is random stop gas spring. Just as its name, it can be stopped at any position, which is similar as lockable gas spring, but it has no extra locking force which means that the locking will be in vain when the external power is bigger than its own poor locking force.
The forth one is swivel chair Lockable gas springs, which is mostly used in swivel chair to adjust position. The main characteristic of it is steerable. Quantity demanded is big, mostly supplied by china gas spring supplier.
The fifth gas spring is gas traction spring. Unusually, when it is free, its length is the shortest, while others has the longest length. Just as common gas springs, some gas traction springs are similar as the lift gas spring, some are similar as the lockable gas spring.
The last one is called damper. It is widely used in both automobile and armarium. Its resistance changes according to different working speeds. The higher the speed is, the bigger the resistance is. Dampers are used for buffering. You can find them in washing machines and fridges easily.