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The Introduction of Gas Spring2013-12-26 9:00:00
Non-locking gas spring is a kind of accessories functioning to support, buffer, brake, adjust height as well as angle and other aspects. It consists of pressure cylinder, piston rod, piston, seal guide sleeve, filler like inert gases or gas-oil mixture, control element in and out of the cylinder namely the adjustable gas spring and the contact.
What the principle is that filling the airtight pressure cylinder with inert gases or gas-oil mixture to make the pressure in the chamber over the several and even dozens of times of atmospheric pressure which takes the advantage of the pressure difference as a result of the condition that the cross-sectional area of piston rod is less than that of piston. Due to the fundamental difference of the working principle, the Tool box gas spring has obvious better advantage than normal spring. Specifically speaking, the gas spring has relative slow speed, tiny variation of dynamic force commonly within 1:1.2 and is easy to control.
However, there are also some shortcomings such as the smaller relative volume than the helical spring, the high cost and the short lifetime. Different from the mechanical spring, the gas spring has approximately linear elasticity curve. the elasticity coefficient is between 1.2 and 1.4 and other parameters can be defined flexibly according to the requirements and the working condition. In addition, as a result of the characteristics and the different applying area, the gas spring offered by the china gas spring supplier is also called bracing piece, gas support, recliner assay, pressure rod and amortisseur. Besides, classified by the structure and the function of gas spring, gas spring corp products lift gas spring, self-locking gas spring, pull-type gas spring, random gas spring, swivel chair gas spring, pressure rod and amortisseur. At present, the product has been widely used in the fields of automobile, aviation, medical apparatus and instruments,furniture and machine manufacturing.
Lift China gas spring is the most widely used gas spring and its mainly function is to support which has only two positions of shortest and longest not able to stop during the processing. The applying fields are automobile, textile machinery, printing equipment,engineering machinery. By virtue of its lightness, stable working, convenient operation and favorable price, it has been widely used in automobile, engineering machinery, printing machine and spinning equipment or the cold,acid and alkaline environment.Lockable gas spring is mainly applied in the medical machine which can take the advantage of some releasing device to stop at optional position in the processing and have prodigious locking force after cease.