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The six major categories of gas springs2013-12-26 9:00:41
As part of industrial components, Non-locking gas spring have various functions such as support, buffering, braking, height adjustment, angle adjustment and so on. It consists of the following sections: pressure cylinder, piston rod, piston gas spring, sealing guide sleeve, filler, control element in cylinder and cylinder control element, and joints. In accordance with the structure and function of gas spring, it can be divided into six major categories. They are non-locking gas spring, locking gas spring, random stop gas spring, swivel chair gas spring, traction type gas spring and damper gas spring. At present, gas springs are widely used in the automotive, aerospace, medical equipment, furniture, machinery manufacturing and other fields.
The non-locking gas spring is the most widely used gas spring. Its main role is supporting. It has only two longest and shortest positions, so that it unable to stop in the journey. It was widely used in the automotive, textile machinery, printing equipment, office equipment, engineering machinery and other industries. So the non-locking gas spring often used as the auto gas spring.
The Tool box gas spring is mostly applied in medical instrument. With the help of some release mechanism, this kind of gas spring can stop at any position in the journey, and after stopping, it can get a lot of locking force which can reach more than 10000N.
Random stop gas spring is mainly used in the kitchen furniture, medical equipment and other fields. Its characteristic is between the non-locking gas spring and the locking gas spring. It can be parked in the schedule of any position without the help of any external structure. Moreover, it doesn’t produce any additional locking force. It works mainly through the controllers. It can also be done by the adjustable piston rod.
Swivel chair gas spring is mainly used on the swivel chair. Its function is to adjust the position. Its characteristic is controllable and demand is bigger.
The traction type China gas spring is a kind of special gas spring. Other gas spring is in the longest position when they are in a free state, namely after the impact, the gas spring moves from the position of the longest to the shortest. While when traction type gas spring in a free state, it was in its shortest location. After the impact, the traction type gas spring moves from the position of the shortest to the longest. 
China gas spring supplier is more used in car and medical equipment. Its characteristic is that it can be changed by the speed of running resistance. It can significantly speed up the buffer action of connected institutions. Damper is mainly used for the cushion. Its biggest characteristic is the force of the gas spring can change as the change of velocity. Damper is mainly used in washing machines, refrigerators and other industries.