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Types and Applications of Gas Spring2013-12-26 9:01:37
Non-locking gas spring is a kind of industrial part which can have functions of supporting, buffering, braking and adjusting the height and angle. According to the structure and function of gas spring, the gas spring is divided into non-locking gas spring, locking gas spring, piston gas spring, auto gas spring, damper gas spring and so on. The gas spring has been widely used in the automobile, aerospace, medical equipment, furniture, machinery manufacturing and other fields
The application of the Tool box gas spring is the most. It plays mainly a role in supporting. Because it has characteristics of stable work, simple operation and concessional price, it has been widely used in automobile, engineering machinery, printing machinery, textile equipment industry and other fields. It can also be used in the alpine environment, acid or alkaline environment.
Locking gas spring is mainly used in the medical device. It can stop in any place of moving with the help of some release devices. And it has a large locking force after stopping.
Auto China gas spring can not need any external structure to stop in the process of moving. But there is no additional locking force. When the auto gas spring is adjusted to stop in the ideal place, the valve will close independently; and the piston will be locked at the required position. The auto gas spring is mainly used in the kitchen furniture, medical equipment and other fields.
Other gas springs in the freedom state stay in the longest position. While the piston gas spring in the freedom state stays in the shortest position. If it is towed, it will be drawn from the shortest position to the longest place. The piston gas spring can also be divided into freedom, self-locking type etc...
The China gas spring supplier is mainly used for buffering. With the change of moving speed, the resistance of the damper gas spring will change. If the force action point movement of guiding the damper is quicker, the resistance of the spring will obviously increase. However, if the movement is very slow, there is no almost resistance. The damper gas spring is mainly used in the washing machine, refrigerator etc...
In addition to the above five kinds of gas springs, there are other types of the springs, such as the revolving chair gas spring. Revolving chair gas spring is mainly used in the swivel chair. It plays a role in adjusting. Every gas spring has unique characteristics and extensive applications.