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The Working Principle of Gas Spring2013-12-26 9:02:28
The working principle of Non-locking gas spring takes inert gas as the elastic medium, and it can use oil liquid (such as 50% transformer oil and 50% turbine oil), which should be sealed with lubrication and transfer pressures from each elastic element and this is referred to the gas spring. It is actually a variant of the sleeve type air spring, and it is planed to gain further improvement and development of and development for the sleeve type air spring. So, it has the general characteristics of the air spring structure. Generally, gas spring consists of cylinder, piston (rod) gas spring, damper gas spring, seal and the external connecting piece. High pressure nitrogen, inert gas and oil can form the loop by themselves in the cylinder. The damping can make piston rod cavity connect with non rod cavity, which will make their cavity pressures keep equal. Making well used of area difference and the compressibility of two cavity stress can produce elastic force.
Tool box gas spring has characteristics of compact structure, large work distance, and stables the movement, which can play a function of damping cushion. It also has characteristic like stable and close constant line, line operation, safety and reliability. But the cost of processing is high. According to the principle of air spring sleeve type gas spring force, spring factory can learn the function in any travel distance were: F=pVA/v-As, P- initial pressure in the cylinder; the initial volume of V- cylinder; as the different purpose of A-sectional area of piston rod, gas spring has different types and different structures. So far, the productions of China gas spring supplier have two kinds as unlockable gas spring and locking gas spring.
Lockable China gas spring Principle
According to the functions, lockable gas spring can be divided into angular and harmonic lifting lockable gas spring. According to its performance, it can be divided into rigid and elastic lockable gas spring. According to its structure characteristics, it can be divided into the single tube and double tube lockable gas spring.
(a)Angle adjustable lockable gas spring principle
Angle adjustable lockable gas spring is a kind of stepless adjusting element, and it has been widely application range. This principle is mainly used for adjusting the seat, medical bed, plotter and office equipment etc. Angle adjustable locking spring is a single cylinder type structure. When you stall rigid mounted floating piston, you need add rod cavity in the oil lock. When you do not install the floating piston rod cavity of elastic locking, there is no need gas liquid. Angle adjustable gases can lockable oil gas spring through the communication with valve rod and the rod free cavity. When pressing the small shutter button, the stop valve is opened. The piston rod extends out, the button release, the valve closed, and then the spring will be locked. Forming ring characteristics line in the work process is similar to the no locking compression China gas spring supplier. However, for the relief of gas spring lock opening force, Fk can form an additional ring characteristic line.
(b) Lifting Lockable Gas Spring Principle
Lifting lockable gas spring is mainly used to adjust the height of rotating chair. This spring can generally be double tube structure, and the locking elastic. Movement and angle adjustable lockable gas spring is similar as well. Seat can slow down by operating the adjusting rod to achieve the best position.
In addition to the above two categories of gas spring, there are some variation of the species, such as washing machine for the vibration isolation of the gas spring.
Unlockable Gas Spring Principle
According to needs of function, unlockable gas spring has two kinds as compression and stretching spring. 
(a) Compressed gas spring principle
Compressed Compression gas spring is widely used in automobile, construction equipment, medical equipment and other occasions, and mainly plays a supporting role. This kind of spring has the advantages of simple structure, when using it, the piston rod downward. The piston rod is pressed into the cylinder, and the cylinder is a part of the oil liquid, which automatically flows into the rod of the cylinder cavity. Due to the two end of piston cylinder pressure, it will force the piston rod. When it closes the end of the cavity, oil has the function of the buffer. From the circular process of curve stretch to compression, it can be seen throughout the stroke pneumatic damping MD into two segments AM and hydraulic damping.
Principle of Compression Gas Spring Structure Diagram and Its Characteristics 
(b) Stretching Air Spring Principle of Air Spring 
This is mainly used for doors and windows opening, reset device closing, and body-building device etc. Its action principle is the same with compression gas spring.