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What Is the Gas Spring?2013-12-26 9:02:58
What's Non-locking gas spring? It's actually widespread in the furniture, medical instruments, automobile and many other industries. Adjustable gas spring features a complicated operation principle. Firstly, expanding pressure of the cavity to be higher than atmospheric pressure by filling pressure cylinder with inert gas or gas-oil mixture.
Then, piston rod is able to move by means of pressure difference caused by cross sectional area of piston rod and piston. Meanwhile, pressure gradually leans to smaller cross sectional area to create a new pressure which is so called elastic force of the gas spring. Moreover, its elastic force is adjustable through changing the diameter of piston rod.
Main parts
Generally speaking, Tool box gas spring is comprised of pressure cylinder, piston rod, piston, filler, control element, etc.
What's the superior of gas spring compared with common spring?
First of all, it's easy to control gas spring because of slower speed of power change. Second of all, it works on it own with no use of extra power. Thanks to buffer gear, it's great to prevent components from damaging. Gas spring also offers long service life which refers to about 20 years, especially you purchase from a good gas spring corp.
On the other hand, using gas spring also results in some disadvantages such as higher cost.
What's the function of China gas spring?
Speaking of its function, it plays a numerous roles including support, braking, buffer as well as adjustment. It frequently can be found in various industries. For example, automobile industry which is one of the widest applications reflects power of the gas spring.
It can be applied in the car doors. With the help of compressive force and resiliency, doors open and close without any problem. In addition, gas spring is able to take place of shock absorber. Because of regular stretch & contraction, gas spring is able to reduce the vibration of a car. And then, car runs stably.
There are numerous gas springs
On the market, you can purchase all sorts of gas springs to satisfy different needs. For example, China gas spring supplier provides lockable gas spring, lift gas spring, traction China gas spring supplier, etc. It's essential to gain more information about their difference, advantages or application. Then, it would be toilless to purchase the right gas spring type.
With a comprehensive knowledge, gas spring definitely has irreplaceable functions and is widely used in a lot of industries. Meanwhile, it has more advantages over traditional spring.