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How Many Types of Gas Spring Are There?2013-12-26 9:03:22
Non-locking gas spring, which plays a role as adjustment, buffer, supporter or braking comes in an array of types. It mainly includes locking, friction type, traction, non-locking type, damper type gas spring or piston gas spring.
Locking gas spring - this type of gas spring features random lock in any position of the stroke. It also provides support, height or angle of the adjustment apart from lockable function.
As the needle valve is controlled, Tool box gas spring can turn into a non-locking gas spring. Thanks to lockable ability, locking gas spring is able to bear larger load. Typically, it's very popular in the medical equipments or furniture like bed, table or chair.
Friction-type gas spring - its application range mainly focuses on furniture or medical equipments. Its characteristic falls in between locking and lift gas spring, meaning it may be lockable gas spring with no locking force. Its movement (stretch and contraction) can be controlled by either handle or piston rod.
Traction gas spring - it's commonly seen in the mobile devices (refers to medical equipments), control valve, instruments, switchgear, and so on, featuring function of energy storage, measurement, traction and stretch. Traction gas spring is available in long and short size. By comparison, longer-size traction gas spring features stable curve of stretch and contraction.
China gas spring (non-locking gas spring) - the major function of this gas spring refers to two domains: support as well as buffer. It consists of piston, piston rod, pressure pipe, and other accessories. It's also named a compression gas spring. Generally, lift gas spring is unable to stop during the stroke, but can stay for a while at the biggest and smallest position of stroke. It's now widely used for easy use, small body and low cost.
Damper type - the main benefit of using damper gas spring is to damp, buffer and reduce the noise. Accordingly, application of this auto gas spring is concentrating on automobile industry. Its function is beneficial to offer optimal comfort for both drivers and passengers.
Generally, its damping varies from running speed of the gas spring. If you have a specific requirement of damping, its damping is adjustable through changing the flow rate of damping oil or viscosity.
Though they have similar structure and operation principle, it's also not hard to figure out their difference in function and application range. Numerous types of China gas spring supplier show the different needs of customers. Anyway, it's important to know how to opt for suitable gas spring among various options.