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Six Sorts of Gas Spring2013-12-26 9:03:50
1. The Non-locking gas spring (lift gas spring) is the most widely used gas spring. It mainly works as a supporter with two shortest and longest positions, and it is unable to stop in the process. The free-type gas spring with the characteristics as portableness, working smoothly, easy operation, and favorable price, is mainly applied in such industries as automobile, textile machinery, printing equipment, office equipment, engineering machinery and so on. Meanwhile, it is also applied in alpine environment, acidic or alkaline environment, etc.
2. The Tool box gas spring (recliner, controllable gas spring) is mainly applied in medical apparatus and instruments. This kind of gas spring can stop at any position in the process with the help of some release mechanisms. After stopping, it has great locking force (that can reach more than 10000 N).
3. The optional stopping air spring (friction-type gas spring, balance-type gas spring) is mainly applied in such fields as kitchen furniture and medical apparatus and instruments. Its characteristics are between free-type gas spring and self-locking type gas spring: it does not need any external structure but can stop at any position in the process, but there is no additional locking force. It realizes the effect mainly through the controller (handle or wires), as well as through piston rod's stretching out and drawing back. When the optional stopping air spring is adjusted by controller to stop in an ideal position, the valve will be closed independently, and the piston rod will lock in the required position. When the locking occurs, it can realize locking. However, if the force surpasses the locking force, locking function will not be valid any more.
4. The China gas spring (pressure bar) is mainly applied in the swivel chair, to adjust the position. Its characteristic is under control, so the demand for swivel-chair gas spring is great. 
5. The traction-type gas spring (tensile strength spring) is a special kind of gas spring: other gas spring in the free state is in the longest position. That is, after driven by the impact, it moves from the position of the longest to the shortest, but the traction-type gas spring in the free state is in the shortest position, moving to the longest position when being dragged. The traction-type gas spring also has the corresponding free-type spring, self-locking type spring, etc.
6. Damper gas spring is mainly applied in the automobile and medical equipment. Its characteristic is resistance changing with running speed, which can significantly buffer the action of connected institutions. Damper gas spring is mainly used for buffer role. Its biggest characteristic is the gas spring force changing along with the change of velocity. When the point of action guiding the gas spring force moves quite fast, the resistance of spring increases dramatically, andd when the point of action moves slow, there is almost no resistance. Damper gas spring is mainly applied in washing machines, refrigerators and other industries. In addition, based on the material, there are ordinary steel gas spring and stainless steel gas spring. The ordinary steel gas spring is applied the most widely. The Compression gas spring is mainly used in the areas with more stringent environmental requirements, such as food machinery, medical apparatus and instruments, military industry and so on.