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Characteristics and Application of Damper Gas Spring2013-12-26 9:04:12
Damper Non-locking gas spring, normally shortened as damper, which plays a part in damping, shock-absorbing, and denoising, is widely used in machine tools, hospital care bedrails, house doors, etc. It's a facility used to reduce motion energy by producing resistance against motions. It can be divided into two types as piston China gas spring supplier and auto gas spring according to its inner construction. Compared to auto gas spring, which generates continual damping, piston gas spring has a defect that it produces a certain undamped piece when piston rod is to extend completely, while its advantage is well-structured with smart size. The damping level of both types can be reset by changing the float rate of damping oil or/and adjusting the oil consistency.
It was not a new technology to use damper to reduce energy or absorb shocks. Various kinds of dampers have been applied to heavy industries for quite a time such as spaceflights, aviations, war industry, firearms, motor vehicles etc. From 1970s, people gradually applied this technology to structural engineering, with scope covering constructions, bridges, railways, and it developed fast. Especially the hydraulic viscous damper which carries a more than 50 years' history, experienced a long process for large quantity of experiments, extremely strict tests, over and over again demonstrations.and the biggest challenge-earthquakes, before it was approved by structural engineering filed in US.
It showed great effect once it was put into use. In the first years, there was no industrial designing regulations and accurate calculating method, it was only an accessorial protection facility applied in engineering. With improvements on calculating method and industrial designing regulations, and under kinds of tests, examinations, especially its performance on earthquakes happened, it was totally accepted by people. Damper has developed up to an important part of structures from only an accessory of protection facility in big earthquakes. It replaced the traditional structural components, playing a major part in structure. On the other hand, with using damper it greatly reduces cost in constructions.
Taylor company, a world-wide well known Tool box gas spring supplier in industry, who had experienced a quantity of challenges against constructions about spaceflights and war industry from 1955, was the first one to use this tech on structural engineering. It had made large amount of vibrator modeling tests and computer analyzing in US Earthquake Research Center, and published dozens of papers in this area. Relevant industrial designing regulations in US are set in base of Taylor's products.