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Several Types of Gas Springs and Their Characteristics2013-12-26 9:06:02
Gas spring is a kind of industrial component, with the function of supporting, buffering, braking, height adjustment and angle adjustment. It consists of the following sections: pressure cylinder, piston rod, piston, sealing guide sleeve, filler (inert gas or oil-gas mixture), control element within cylinder, control element outside cylinder (for controllable gas spring), and joints. Here is the simple instruction on several types of gas springs and their characteristics.
1. Lift gas spring, also known as auto gas spring or support bar, is the most widely used gas spring. Lift gas spring mainly plays a supportive role, with only two locations- the longest and the shortest, and is unable to stop anywhere during the movement. Relying on the advantages of being lightweight, stable, easy to operate and reasonable priced, it is widely used in fields of automobile, engineering machinery, printing machinery, textile equipment, etc, moreover, can be used in cold environment, acidic or alkaline environment, etc.
2. Locking gas spring, which falls into two types- angel adjustable gas spring and lift lockable gas spring according to different application, is used most widely for the medical equipment. This type of gas spring is able to stop at any expected location during the movement with the help of some release mechanism, and creates a high locking force after stop (up to 10000N).
3. Radom-stop gas spring is mainly used for the kitchen furniture and medical equipment, etc. Its characteristic falls in between the lift gas spring and the locking gas spring: it is able to stop at any locations without the help of any external mechanism, and does not create extra locking force. It is operated by the controller (controlled handle or bracing wire), or by the stretch of piston rod. Piston gas spring is one type of the random-stop gas springs.
4. Swivel chair gas spring (pressure rod) is mainly used for the swivel chair, with the main function of adjusting the chair height. It is controllable and has bigger demand.
5. Gas traction spring, one kind of the non-locking type gas spring, special features of which is: other gas springs stay at the longest location when they are in free state, namely they move from the longest location to the shortest location after the impact of external force, however, the gas traction spring is just the opposite, for it stays at the shortest location when it is in free state and moves from the shortest location to the longest location by drawing of external force.
6. Damper gas spring, mainly used for the automotive and medical equipment, the biggest characteristic of which is that the gas spring force can vary with the speed of movement. It creates a buffer action on the connected mechanism obviously.