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Damper Gas Spring - An Important Device Industry and Existence2013-12-31 14:51:32
As is known to all, the damper gas spring is a kind of device to slow down the mechanical vibration and the kinetic energy consumption. Generally it is used in the suspension system as well as motorcycle. Besides, some bicycles are also configured with such device too. For the considerations of quakeproof, some skyscrapers have it as well, such as Taipei101, Takao 85 and so on. 
Damper is only one component, playing different roles in different situations. So far in all applications there are some kinds of it, such as piston gas spring, hydraulic damper, pulse damper and rotary damper as well as auto gas spring and so on. 
Up to now, the vibration problem of high-speed rotating machine is a serious one more prominently and hard to solve. Due to the high rotating speed of such kind of machine, to guarantee the safe operation of it, besides the precise design and careful manufacturing, generally it is recommended to adopt damper gas spring to slow down the vibration. Squeeze film damper and electrometric damper are the two common dampers. 
According to china gas spring supplier, when applied in rotor system, the passive electromagnetic damper has achieved excellent effects. Compared with squeeze film damper, the passive electromagnetic damper possesses most of the advantages of electromagnetic bearing relative to the ordinary bearing, and compared with active electromagnetic bearing, such device has better performances such as simple construction, low cost as well as higher reliability. Therefore, the passive electromagnetic damper is a kind of effective damping device of high speed rotor with bright developing prospect. 
Another significant application is the hydraulic damper, a vibration control device for quick speed responding. The hydraulic damper is mainly applied for anti-vibration of pipes and equipments in many areas such as nuclear power plant, heat-engine plant, chemical plant as well as steel works and so on. However, due to the inflexible control of hydraulic damper to the low-rising and high-frequency vibration and high amplitude frequency vibration, it is recommended to adopt damper gas spring in more cases. 
In gravity type of warehouse, due to the gravity influence for the goods, generally the goods will do accelerating motions in the tilted storage ways, and after the crushing, it is probably making a damaging to the goods as well as a hidden trouble of safety for operators. Therefore the damper gas spring has played a very important role, which is mainly used to eliminate the gravitational acceleration generated by the goods, leading to the smooth speed of the goods.