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Applications and Working Principles of Lockable Gas Springs2013-12-31 14:51:52
Gas springs are the kind of industrial parts with such functions as supporting, buffering, braking, height adjustment and angle modulation. Such springs are made up of pressure cylinder, piston rod, pistons, the sealed guide sleeve, filer such as the inert gas or gas-oil mixture, control components in and out of the cylinder such as the controllable gas spring as well as the connector. With an increasing number of applications of the gas springs, their varieties are also growing such as the lockable gas springs, the piston gas spring, the damper gas spring, the lift gas springs as well as the gas traction springs. The following are introductions of related knowledge about the locking gas spring.
Locking gas spring, also called the lockable gas spring, is the kind of gas spring that can get locked at optional positions on the journey. It can be divided into elastic locking as well as rigid locking in accordance with locking forces, of which the latter type can be further classified into the compression locking and the stretching locking in line with different locking directions. There is a mandrill on the top of the piston rod of the lockable gas spring, the pushing of which will open the internal valve, thus making the gases or the oil fluid circulate. And then, the locking gas spring can extend freely just like the compression gas spring. When the desired location is reached, with the mandrill released and the internal valve closed, the piston rod can get locked. After the lockable gas spring gets locked, it can bear larger loads by using its locking force. Locking functions of such gas springs will lose their efficacy if the loads they bear exceed the locking forces. In the meantime, the locking gas spring also has such functions as supporting, height setting and angle adjustment, thus enabling it to stop at any locations, which is easy to operate.
Lockable gas springs are the most frequently used in such products as medical facilities and seats. In addition, this kind of gas spring is also constantly applied in the engine hood of saloon cars, supporting of luggage cases, supporting of front panels for heavy truck cabs, luggage compartment for passenger cars, engine covers, aviation luggage racks, seats for tourist guides, supporting of the liquid crystal display, supporting of the mechanical doors, kitchen cabinet doors, doors of furniture, supporting of the Simmons frame, the curtain wall glass as well as the supporting of the construction steel windows. Moreover, the locking gas spring is also widely applied in occasions where angles or heights need to be adjusted and its installation is rather convenient. Gas springs of this kind can stop at any locations on the journey with the help of certain releasing mechanism and have large locking forces afterwards.
On the international metal market, influenced by such factors as the rapid development of production technologies and growing prices of the labor power, developed countries in the West only produce high-tech products with high added value and deliver the production of gas spring products to the developing countries. As a result, this is more conducive to China to become a great exporter for metal processing since China has powerful market potential. Mobilized by the china gas spring supplier, domestic gas spring industries will also move towards a new development path of humanization as well as intellectualization.