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The Processes and the Applied Occasions of the Lockable Gas Springs and Other Common Gas Springs2013-12-31 14:52:14
The locking gas spring is a kind of flexible component based on the working substance of the gas and the liquid. The locking gas spring is made up of the pressure pipe, the plunger, the plunger pole and some connected parts. The china gas spring supplier is able to provide different kinds of gas springs such as the lockable gas springs and so on.
The lockable gas spring is a kind of the piston gas spring. In the lockable gas springs is filled with the N2. and the ventilate hole is set in the inner part of the plunger. So the pressures on both ends of the plunger are the same. And the two sides of the plunger have different side areas. The one end is connected with the plunger pole and the other end has not any plunger poles.
This kind of gas springs are made up of the pressure room, the plunger pole, the plunger, the seal pocket, the filling material, the controlling components inside the room and outside the room, the connector and so on.
This kind of gas springs have the outstanding advantages over the common gas springs. Firstly, its working speed is less than the common gas spring. Secondly, the movement force has little change within the rate of 1:1.2. So it is very easily to be controlled. And the portable gas springs have less volume than the revolving gas spring, so they have the high cost and relatively short life length. Different from the mechanical gas spring, this kind of gas spring has almost lineal flexible curve. The X, which is the standard flexible ratio of the gas spring, is between 1.2 and 1.4. The other parameters are able to be made reference flexibly according to the demands and the practical working conditions.  
The lockable gas springs are mostly widely used in the different kinds of medical equipment. This kind of gas springs are able to stop at any location in the process of the application, because they are able to rely on some release set. Not only that, when the lockable gas spring stops working, they have the great locking force.  
Apart from the lockable gas springs, the gas springs also include the free gas springs. They are also able to be called the support post, which is most widely used among different kinds of gas springs. The free gas springs are mainly used for the supporting, so each of them has only two locations: the shortest end and the longest end. Not only that, the free gas spring is not able to stop by itself. The free gas spring is most widely used in the different kinds of fields such as the cars, the textile, the machinery, the printing set, the office set, the engineering and so on.