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The Developing Course and Application of Damper Gas Spring2013-12-31 14:52:58
Damper, also known as the damper gas spring, is a kind of device which is used to provide motion resistance and deplete kinetic energy. It is not a new technology to use damper gas springs to absorb energies and reduce shocks. In addition, all kinds of dampers and shock absorbers have already been applied in the space industry, aircraft industry, military industry, automobile industry and other industries for the vibration reduction and the energy dissipation.
Along with the rapid development of the gas spring suppliers, since the 1970s, people have began to gradually apply those techniques in structural engineerings such as buildings, bridges, railways and its development is very rapid. Auto gas spring and piston gas spring also appeared at this time. In particular, the viscous hydraulic damper which has a developme history of over fifty years has experienced a long process of a lot of experiments, strict censorships, repeated arguments and especially the seismic tests before it is finally accepted by the engineering sector in the United States.
Dampers are widely used in the space industry, aircraft industry, military industry, machinery industry and other industries. Since the 1980s, the two mid-american earthquake engineerings and other departments have made a lot of experimental researches about damper gas spring's successful application history of several decades and published dozens of related papers in the 1990s. The American National Science Foundation, American Society of Civil Engineer and other departments have organized two large joint associations in which authoritative test reports were given by tests made by a third party. In these joint associations, professors and engineers, on the basis of affirming the above achievements, conducted a series of examinations together with the relevant institutions and stipulated the application methods of damper gas spring, which has brought hundreds of practical applications of structural engineering. These structural engineering, have successfully withstood earthquakes, strong winds and other disaster tests and are very successful.
After the 20th century, especially in the past two or three decades, along with the widespread application of damper gas spring, people have made great efforts to improve buildings' ability of shock resistance and have achieved remarkable results. By the end of the 20th century, more than 100 structural engineerings in the world have applied dampers for vibration reduction and energy dissipation. By 2003, Taylor company has alone installed 110 constructions, bridges and other structural engineerings in the world with the help of different kinds of dampers.