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Gas spring testing the method of pressure2013-12-26 8:52:29

Gas spring bounce how to calculate the size of the elastic f with spring elongation (or shorten) is proportional to the length of the x, namely f = kx type of k called spring strength degree coefficient, different spring of strength degree coefficient general is different. This rule is British scientists hooker discovered, called the hooker law. Gas spring is a kind of can the support, caching, braking, height adjustment and Angle adjustment function of the accessories. At present, the products in medical equipment, car, furniture, textile equipment, processing industry, and other fields have been widely used. According to the different characteristics and application field, gas spring is also known as support bar, illustrates, air pressure great, damper, etc. The basic principle of gas springs in airtight chamber body pressure with inert gases and oil, or oil and gas mixture. Gas spring is based on gas and liquid of working medium for a flexible components, the pressure pipe, piston, piston rod and some connection of a its internal filled with high pressure nitrogen, because in the hole inside a piston, piston ends gas pressure equal, and on both sides of the piston the cross-sectional area of the different, one aspect of the piston rod and then there are the other end, not gas pressure effect, produce to one side of the small section area of pressure is the gas spring the elasticity, the size of the elastic by set up different nitrogen pressure or different diameter of piston rod and setting.