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What is the gas spring?2015-06-26 13:35:10

Gas spring  is a kind of can support, buffer, brake, height adjustment and Angle adjustment function such as industrial parts. It consists of the following sections: pressure cylinder, piston rod, piston, sealing guide sleeve, filler (inert gas or oil and gas mixture), control element in cylinder and cylinder control element (controllable gas spring), and joints. Principle of which is in an airtight pressure inert gas or mixture of oil and gas in cylinder, the cavity pressure above atmospheric pressure in the body several times or more, using the cross-sectional area of the piston rod less than the cross-sectional area of the piston to produce pressure difference to realize the movement of the piston rod. Classification according to the structure and function of gas spring, gas spring with freestyle gas spring, self-locking type gas spring, traction type gas spring, gas spring, swivel chair gas spring, pressure rods, dampers, etc At present, the products are widely used in automotive, aerospace, medical equipment, furniture, machinery manufacturing and other fields.