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Compressed Gas Spring Catalogue
Installation instruction: 1. Compressed gas spring is a high pressure product. Not dissect to bake or put it at random. 2. Determine the guarantee of proper installation is the site of the pivot points. Compressed gas spring is correct to can be used in accordance with the following figure the installed means it will happen if the central management in the vicinity, or the gas spring is always automatically opened. 3. The gas spring should not through diagonally or horizontally, press power when in use and be used to apply as a handle. 4.Ambient temperature:-35 ° C-+ 60 ° C (specially made 80 ° C) 5. The compressed gas spring will be installed as down, to reduce friction and to guarantee the best resistance mass and bumper capacity. 6. In order to ensure a reliable seal, the surface of the gas spring will not be destroyed. The paint and paint or prohibited chemical substances in the gas spring and painting after the installation of the gas spring is also not allowed. 7. The size must be appropriate and the power to be so right, and someone else will receive a trip for 10 mm piston rod. 8. The installation must without flexible joints.